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Date de parution : 21/12/2012

Durée : 0:02:49

Style : Rock

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Born from the ancient void
Spiritual dementia
Called by congregation
Blinded by faith.

Reverence and destruction
Strife and mass production
Bred for mass consumption
The perfect race...

We are the ones to whom you have pledged yourselves
Devotion to satiate an eldritch hunger!
Prophecies foretell of the poison in the wishing well
We manifest to rend the future asunder...
(born into flesh at last - the feast is at hand!)

Oh...and still they come
Seeking answers to their fate
At the mercy of the circle...
Hopeless...and still they come
Laying down their lives
Willing to fight for nothing!

Incursion... this world shall tremble and fall
Just as all of the others before...
I speak for the myriad maws and the flesh of the gods.

Behold! oblivion unfolds
The howling throat of the vortex
Brings the end to this ignorant age
This is your fate.

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