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Electric Wizard

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Date de parution : 01/05/2006

Durée : 0:09:41

Style : Rock

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One day we were sitting
And wondering where it's at
When down came a dragon
With a wizard on his back

He said to us
"step up, wanna take you for a trip"
Then up we flew off into space
And the astral gates we slipped, alright

Looking back behind us
To the freaks and heads we wave
And off beyond our system out
Until they're deep in space

And on the edge of time and space
There stood two towers black
But on we flew, the wizard knew
There was no turning back
Cast your spell on me

Higher and higher
Through the cosmos, we had tripped
Seeing stars turned inside out
We thought our minds had flipped

Colors swirling, sounds are drifting
Thinking we were dead
The wizard turned and spoke to us
And this is what he said

Through the virgin universe
Upon his back, we played
Creating and destroying
With the music we made

Undulate the cosmic rhythm
Galaxies were born
Clouds of blue, fluorescent dunes
Spreading out before, yeah

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