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Brooks Deforest

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Date de parution : 14/02/2006

Durée : 0:06:39

Style : Electronic

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Well you know there's a lot of ways to, describe this world of ours.
It's a complex place, sitting in space..

But lots of people have tried their best, to try and, figure things out.
Put things down on paper.
Some written books, some went on the oprah winfrey show and, made a lot of money

Well when i was a teenager i discovered the art of taking radios apart.
By the time i was 17 years old i'd, discovered maxwell's equations.
I was machine code programming by the time i was 18.
When i was 19 i discovered the windows api.
I celebrated that night.

You know, despite everything. despite all the equations. calculations.. system calls. bios chips. memory recalls.
Despite everything. it's still a complex world

Sorry i don't have much for you than that, i know you were going to listen to this song and, try and get answers.
But hey, i'm singing into a microphone covered in a pair of tights.
That's progress.

Electrical engineering..

They've got all kinds of constants there, pi, plank.
You can do a lot of things with them, and move them around.
It's amazing what you can discover with super-positioning

And how complex is it? and how complex is it? it's so complex you use an imaginary number system.

I plotted in the polar coordinates scheme, and put it back into cartesian, and i didn't still didn't find the answer right, it just didn't seem to make sense to me.

I took philosophy and english literature.
I, read a dictionary from a to z, but, i still couldn't see.

The end of the world or, beginning of space..
It never makes sense to me that, here i am singing into this pair of tights, and you're sitting there listening to me, and im thinking to myself, well if everything out there meant all this, and everything was the same, then why.. why.. why..

Electrical engineering.. electrical engineering..

You i met a lot of people on the way, some nice, some down right disgusting.
It didn't make no difference to me though, they're still trying to find their place in this world, we all got to do that.

Some even took, mechanical engineering, poor #.
I don't understand that, but, how someone can get all worked up over stresses in metals and composites and.
What's that about?

I sit here at night, with my soldering iron, breathing in the lead, letting my mind wander.

Some days i just get the calculator out for the heck of it.
Play around with ohms law. complex stuff...

I measured my resistance the other day, and i went up to 20 mega ohms, that's big..

Not as big as the universe, not as big as the milky way or interstellar travel, if that exists.

And if it will someday, you can be damn sure that it'll be inter-invented
By some kind of, electrical engineer.
It wont be no mechanical engineer inventing that, i tell you that.
Electrical engineering..

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