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Date de parution : 01/09/1987

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : Rock

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Watch the circle, dehumanize
Fuck the world, stay outside
You tread on me and you will find
That you flirt with death before your time

Face the music and the time has come
Into the circle


Keep your distance, subdivide
Do not enter, conservative type
Sweaty bodies, bodily harm
Abuse thy neighbor, that's the charm

Bloodshed on everyone
Don't mistake, violence for fun
Blood, guilty fashion fiend
What you here for, you don't fit in

Take the shot, take the pain
Rebound back again
Uncivilized reaction appeals to me
No restraints face reality

Never victim, always vice
Taking charge, desensitized
Do unto others, stay unbowed
You social misfit, you're one of us now

Violence, hey, violence

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