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Date de parution : 09/08/2011

Durée : 0:02:22

Style : Heavy Metal

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Engulfed within somnolence
Submerged within chimera
In isolation i wander
To the place of my sepulcher

The beauty of oblivion
Obstructing my path
Elegant yet perverse
To follow that before me
So blindly i durst

Visions of all i desire came
These gifts i could obtain
The penalty for such treasure
In your world i could not remain

By temptation weakened
Like flowers beneath the frost
Fantasy was mine to live
I realized not my loss

Anon it was ended
Anon it had begun
I awaken after every dusk
Never revealed is the sun

Now in perpetual somnolence
In immortal isolation i wander
Submerged in chimera
To the place of my sepulcher

To the fulfilled i am cursed
To the deprived blessed
Elegant yet perverse
Shall i find my rest?

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