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La Cafetera Roja

pochette album Elements
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Date de parution : 01/01/2010

Durée : 0:04:15

Style : Alternative

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One night,
Stars were not so dark (x2)
You came to me
And you fell down (x2)
Surprise (x2)
You were engaged

The sea
Was not so high (x2)
And your heart
Was not so shy (x2)
Surprise (x2)
You left without say anything

Apart of the good, apart of love, apart of solidarity,
There will always be existence of brutality and cruelty,
It’s true : to be good i’d better get to know the roots of me.
Who you be, is what the others see in you. i’m pleasing you.
Inform yourself enough before you taste it,
In all things, equal rights instead of fights in different places
Koma and me, we’re blazing weed against the racists,
U got to face it, everybody has got a soul so don’t waste it.
I try to stay on the topic instead of spitting hot shit.
Talking and expression of my body is my tactic.
And i practice day over day, may be ones they will pay
Koma fucks the fame more than me
On the ground so they won’t take him away.
Cuz rude boys stay and remain on the planet,
Only fassis are purchasable
We don’t give a fuck if you throw money on the table.

Only paper, that takes you and takes you to devil,
I’d rather be a rebel in my soul and take you to another level.

So days after days,
I forgot you (x2)
The words
Were not so quiet (x2)
Surprise (x2)
You came back in the night

The trees
Seem so strong and seem always strong
Music is my life and is our life
Surprise (x2)
We kissed again, and we kissed again

We’re from the city where the weak man is hopeless,
That’s why we’re sitting here and speak for some progress,
Not cuz we’re pretty, cuz my folks being depressed
Responsibility goes deep in our weak chest
Showing humanity means honesty and do the best
For this mobility we got just one request
Respect community, my boys and gods simple bless
Look at society see people that’s broke and stressed
No matter if you’re in the north, south, east or west
The whole planet lost that space to deal with yourself
No possibility where you’re about to take a rest
That’s why we fillin’ safe with music instead of b-prove vest,
And nothing less.

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