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Date de parution : 27/02/2009

Durée : 0:01:42

Style : Rock

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Pilgrimage to the next parallel
And beyond as a master of all elements.

Cristallic icon, so our hero may look back
Through the circle of fate and never forget his dream of doom.

Conquering the storm, gives him the dominance to reign
Over thunder and lightning.

Stygian fire, pierces the tortured souls
Of the hollow-eyed heathens in a single glance.

And the sacred fount, by wich he communicates

With the gods for he will soon be one of us...


He, our courageous and powerful metalian,
Who has conquered all of wich has been laid out
Before him with true strength and honour shall become

Immortal - the conquest

We have been triumphant!

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