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Bucketbot can carry 10 times his body wait;
Useful for carrying machinery and coffins throughout the park.

If you get lost, find the nearest coop or mausoleum.
Sometimes they look the same.

Bucketheadland is not affiliated with the tri-state
Crematorium or its repair facilities.

Anamoatronic characters should be bolted down at all times.
Please report both characters.
We built a mausoleum...setup a walkthrough...
We made the model with openings, where you can walk in and
Get a beinge...i wish i had the idea...
Couple of different things, a wedge, that way you could get
The effect of the staging the riot scenes, decide if they were
Gonna work or not...i worked with bill-ger smacks...and his people,
And they were scalding these little bucket...binge...guys...
And the model pretty much protrayed the way the ride was built...
Uh, the mcfadden brothers made suggestions all along...
Keep all hands, arms, stubs inside the vehicle at all times...
All types of persons, bags, or atrificial limbs...

You must be atleast 100 meters tall to battle bootzilla...
Cattle prods can be rented inside the main entrance or purchased at the
Tool shed in the slaughterzone...
Ask about our personalized engravings...

Hey! you're not supposed to drink that embalming fluid!!!!
(a man says in a delayed/filtered voice, "one hundred and twenty-seven..."

(says that ^^ again...)

(same man and voice says, "one hundred and seventy-one thousand..."

Hey could you please help me?!?
Hey guys please help me?!?

(same man/voice screaming something)

Please help me?!?
Hey guys will you please help me?!?!?

Fun and games!(ahhh!!!) fun and games!!!(ahhh!!!) fun and games!!!!(ahhh!!!)
Alright boys!!!
Ha ha! (ahhh!)
Alright boys, goblins and gouls!!! goblins and gouls!!!! yeah!!!!

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