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Inhale the atmosphere entirely. take it deep. condensed synthetic words we speak. another thief from necessity. the end will justify the means in their eyes. claiming a life that finds beauty in peril. force fed ideals designed to wage wars. the blood of the slaves turns putrid ground sterile. the end will justify the means in their eyes. elitist and dormant eyes. a rope knit from tears in its solid state bore the mistress around her neck. we all salivate instinctively, the air reeks of starvation. every breath a struggle we're slaying for crumbs. we won't let you out of focus as locusts, they block out the sun. a plague migrating southbound parallel to the scum.
Father where are you? are you listening? take us in, we're your children. despite of what i said before, i'm here starved and barefoot before your door. i hear no answer.
Elitist eyes must see beauty in peril.

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