Paroles de Elohim

Nicole C. Mullen

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It's been one of those days
Where all my blue has turned to grey
A thunderstorm
Above me forms
And i need sheltering

So maker of the wind and rain
Can you calm the hurricane
In my soul
Out of control
Or help me face what may

I love you
I want you
I need you right now
I can't live without you
Don't wanna learn how
With all of my heart
I surrender i bow
Elohim...cover me

No matter how hard i try
Nothing seems to satisfy
The deepest part of my heart
Where shallowness resides
'til i'm so desperate i call your name
And you revive my soul once again
Of all that i
Crave inside
This can't be denied

....rescue me....cover me....forgive me

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