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The Buggles

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Date de parution : 01/01/1999

Durée : 0:04:28

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I had a dream on a back lot
And saw my life like a long shot
Of smiling faces in a picture parade
All the stills from the films that you made
That we would see in th "essoldo"
After drinking coffee at "la giocondo"

Elstree, remember me
I had a part in a b-movie
I played a man from history
Elstree, look at me
Now i work for the bbc
Life is not what it used to be

I took no dives in the fight scenes
I had a stuntman, kept my suit clean
There's no technology to fake-up a song
They stop the orchestra
If you get it wrong !


They made a field into a war zone
I beat the enemy on my own
All the bullets just went over my head

No reality
And no-one dead

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