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Date de parution : 22/08/2014

Durée : 0:04:48

Style : Rock

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What is left when the morning comes
Is the memory of a future
And when my plight is done
There is nothing left to hold onto

There were friends waiting at my door
They are gone now, for the year is new
I stuck by my word
And when the rains came
Made it true and pure, to dissolve the hurt

Are we nursing destruction?
Pursuing a dream we once had

Was it our intention
To follow this road 'til the end
Even if the end is a world of sorrow?

There is a bond between us
Even if it's frayed it is unbreakable
So i come for you always
And i welcome pain
For a second of belonging somewhere
There were times when i lost my way
With hope pouring from my soul
In a shelter from the sun
I don't want to bare my scars for you

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