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Kevin Paris

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Lets take a stroll down this rhythm road
To escape these pains which have grown so old and cold
Well take a seat beneath this melody tree
And escape to the sea, escape within the songs it sings

May we rewind to a kinder time
Where we appreciate the simple things we find
Indeed, let us dig up this rotten seed
Our individuality must not be consumed by greed.

And now let us look upon what weve stumbled on
This here thing called love which has come and gone.
And re-instill, it is our will, if we are to carry on
Then we must love
Yes we must love

Put those poisoned games aside
These sticks and stones, they have been tried
In this darkness we can no longer hide

Awaken our minds and compassionate souls
And let this sweet river flow, with all the love that it holds
Embracing the ways- their ways and our own,
On this earth we call home, we are one, we are whole
And so it goes

Have you kicked back with the passerby, beneath the evening sky
Where we realize, we analyze-
Our actions, they are all intertwined, and
How humane really is humankind?

So now well dip our toes where the water flows
To sustain our highs, and lift our lows
Our souls, must also be fed
But not by money or gold for which our love has been shed

I see you awake to meditate to the sunrise
Appreciate these skies, drawn up before our eyes
No longer shall we let them go, no,
We must honor this sweet world beneath the moonlight and starlights glow
Yes, honor this earth we know



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