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And i came to life finally to do, what i supposed to to
What should be done for all
Sweep away the demon's breed with the fire burning eyes of mine
Now it's time to pay has come
Suddenly i felt a feeling in my heart, it began pounding faster
I saw something familiar

She came back in a spirit like an angel, she says:
Embrace me with all your heart
Embrace me with all your might
I gave my word to her to defeat, their payback will be painfull
I have begun to spread death
She said "it will time you need you to end your pain, and you'll finally change the world."
"let your sorrow your charge to keep, but don't lose against your hate, i'll give you strength. fight with your honor."
Fight back to back. the body and the soul unites
Embrace me with...
And now, it's time to end what's to be done
And i embrace a war
I'm ready to die again
Now it's the time...
The body and the soul unites.

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