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Baby darlin',
Hold on tight.
Life is truly yours tonight.
Lovers babe, they come and go,
But friends will never leave the show

Streets can rot, i am safe, close my eyes.
Filthy place, i won't touch, far away.
Out of sight, out of mind, distant world.
My world shines, so bright.

Feel the smell of kerosene,
Cardboard shelter, empty scene.
Mommy whisper lullaby,
Child feel mothers heartbeat die.

Call of the dying
They pledge our denying eyes
Too see that it's come to this
Children are sold
Did your hear what i told you now?
Now see for yourself

Purity is hung on the,
Pricetag of the evil claw.
The man behind the pane of glass,
Is hiding like a snake in grass.


So cold and alone,
Embraced here by the rain.