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Econoline Crush

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Date de parution : 21/06/2005

Durée : 0:06:21

Style : Rock

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Me...i'm misunderstood
I'm not who you thought i was
See...i'm on the outside
Staring at the world, that you live in
You will, you won't, demand, provoke
Just wait and hope i'll save you
I will, i won't, i fall, i'm not, here
I'm not here to entertain you
Nothing is sacred
You're so empty and vain
An emotional stain
Strange how you pollute me
Fill me with your rhetoric and shame
Now, i see it clearly
Everything, everything was a lie
Empty and vain, and emotional stain
You're everything, you're empathy, you're sympathy
This was not for me, this was for you
You're everything, you're empathy, you're sympathy
An emotional stain

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