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Verse 1
It's interesting how you intrigue me,
I've been around but never seen a smile so pretty,
You like my style, causing a great feeling,
My emotions jumping high up to the ceiling,
In this world we live there are many choices,
Surprising that we've heard each other through the voices,
Sweet midnight eyes looking right at me,
Let's take the night downtown babe, just you and me.
Yeah yeah
(i'm feeling you, you're feeling me)
(san diego night in ecstacy)
(do you know how i feel?)

Beauty shining in your eyes,
Chilling under ivory lights,
When i hold you close tonight,
Such a great feeling,
My oh my i feel alright,
You and i lets take the night,
Loving me you've got my...

Emotions running wild

Verse 2
In this cold night, warmth is what you're needing,
Though the club is closed please let's not end our evening,
Time to sit back and relax in our own motel room,
Drive-thru across the street's still open what can i get for you?
Your stilettos off, i'll massage your feet babe,
Weather channel on as we fall asleep babe,
Hold your gentle hand as we lay together,
Moments like this make me want to be with you forever...
(let's take our time, enjoy the night)
(let me hold you tight, the feeling's right)
(glad this moment is real)

Glad this moment is real! ohohoohwhoa!