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Intro... there only be one place like this, it's good to be home. yeah....

Bright lights and these yellow cabs well i'm home now and we made it.
I live a lifetime and each nightime and i'm feeln' like i'm still faded.
From the thousand miles that i live i ain't gettin wild as far as i can take it. feelin' so good when you do it like you should yea baby promise you, you won't fake it.

I hope you know that his is the life, for me.
So give yourself in to the night. and we...
Gonna' party for new york...

Can't sleep and i never stop so every night feels like i'm dreamin.
From the skyscrapers to the underground this home now we aint' leavin.
Turn the lights down and get close now when baby let me feel you breathin. you know we f***in party every night like it's the weekend.
Girl you could lose yourself to the night... with me... and i will show you the world so come along for the ride. you'll see...

That we gonna party in new york...

That silence when these streets start gettin too loud. but how could it be so lonely while you're standin out in this crowd. well i know now, doesn't matter where i am or the avenues that i go down, it stays the same like frank at the end of a yankee game that mo closed out. cuz' i've been dreamin of this city since i've been gone. i'ma take you higher atop the empire yea you could call me king kong. there's a million stores that you see.. we can live and die by these dreams. we could raise it up, we wanna raise the cup so let me hear you scream... like you're in new york....

You know we'll party in new york.


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