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I reach the end, it hurts to breath, turn off the lights
Before i'm going down, to slip away from this old life.
I'm sittin here and wait tonight, i'm waiting
For another cry, a tear of dying, i am no longer
Afraid of dying.
I'm sad, i crawl, i wait, i drink, i feel the emptiness,
I'm sinking down in this life, my soul, my eyes, my
Blood, it's coming over me. tonight tears will be
Falling down.
I smoke, i'm walking down dead roads, i see nothing
New, it's always and everything will be the same.
So let me die, oh god let me die, save me from this life.
The one who makes me alive, it hurts ... i couldn't
Find it in this life.
So can you take me above, so can you take me to a
Place where i can live and where i can hide and where
I can sleep at night.
Where i never dream of this suicide.

... in this night we've lost control.

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