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Chasing my own death through life
A future trapped in yesterday
When everything was fresh and bright
Then innocence found its grave

Empty mirror, soul replacer
Empty mirror, youth taker

Summer came in rays of light
Overwhelming joy it gave
Blinding all life's pain from sight
Golden days could not be saved

Empty mirror, soul replacer
Empty mirror, youth taker

In dark caves, wisdom reigns
Awareness dulls ambition's flame
Like a corpse in soil laid
Trust and faith long since decayed

Togetherness, broken mess
Devotion sought and found in vain
Blind fatigue debased intrigue
Love was traded in for pain

A path i followed with blind eyes
Running all this way to find
The terminal of painful truth
Where purity and innocence died

Empty mirror, soul replacer
Empty mirror, youth taker

Dying face of beauty fades
Before my eyes as you ascend
Sail away with the sun
To never feel my touch again

Free once more to raom in hell
This lonely world represents hell
Solitude shares the pain
A secret lover till the end

I have lost the will to live
Will it come to pass?
Need the strength to carry on
Must forget the past

The empty mirror tells no lies
Reflecting a transparent face
Just nothing less is recognized
I'm stranded in a long-lost place

Empty mirror, soul replacer
Empty mirror, i'm a stranger

Here i stand all alone
Before a cross my conscience pleads
Yesterday a thorn embraced
As the future slowly bleeds

Awaken now, bury the past
Put to rest, no longer grieve
Chase the light, pass the gates
Leave this graveyard of lost dream

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