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I remember, kneeling before
Parts on the floor
Of the radio i took apart to find elvis
But he'd left this building

And i can't deny
Since then i've wondered why
The songs they play and the songs i hear
Do they ring true in my ears?

You can't pull this wool
Any tighter over our eyes
I wanted so, i wanted, oh, so badly
I want to go where i don't know

Why songs play on my empty radio
And the radio's turning me off
Damn the radio

My father'd drive
I'd take the shotgun side
With the window down and the signal clear

In hopes i'd hear the cheap trick record
Over and over again till i could believe
I wanted so, i wanted, oh, so badly

Whose got the answers
'cause i've got some questions
When they hit the stage
Do they feign the rage

That plays so well on empty radio?
Everything it gets destroyed
Everything is empty radio
And the radio is turning me off

And the only thing i think that
I believe is we've been had
Every grade level sings his song
But no one stays on top that long

You couldn't shoulder
What he knew was the weight
And the radio's turning me off

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