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Schawayna Raie

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Date de parution : 03/12/2010

Durée : 0:05:03

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Empty, lord my heart is empty
Can't seem to bring myself from this dark place that i'm in
Smiling, lord i'm smiling
Putting on this masquerade, like everything is great
I can't go on pretending like i do
I can't go on feeling this emptiness in you

Take me to a place where i can see your face
No greater love, no greater love
None other like you, fill me like you do lord
Please fill my heart with your love

Tempted, i want to walk away
But i know there's nothing out there that can fill me like you do
Broken, my trust is broken
I should've put my faith in you
You're the only one that's true
I can't believe i'm in this place i'm in
But i'm so grateful that in you i can call a friend

Darkness in my eyes, only you can see my pain
Emptiness inside, only you can fill this space
I can't go on pretending like i do
No one can fill this place, i need to see your face


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