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(limo driver:)
Mr. bergman, sir, again, your limousine awaits. i’m here to drive
You to your hotel – the fabulous beverly hills hotel. please, get in.

Was your meeting great?

(ingmar bergman:)

(limo driver:)
Sorry, hit the curb. like a little music?…

(ingmar bergman:)

(limo driver:)
Very well, sir, mum is now the word.

(ingmar bergman:)
As foolish as i may find these people, i must not be hasty. i’ve
Never had the luxury of a true budget. actors are actors. crews
Are crews. language, however, is not language. how would i do

Working in english? hollywood movie music is an abomination.
Method acting is ridiculous. celebrity is destructive. i must think.

(limo driver:)
Here we are, at last. home away from home. finest hotel in our
Town, it’s european, paris-style, or rome.

Pleasant afternoon.

(ingmar bergman:)
Thank you.

(limo driver:)
Get a little rest.

(ingmar bergman:)
I will.

Limo driver:
I’ll be back tomorrow, they’ve said pick you up at 10,
That’s their request.

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