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Music:albert maroto
Lyrics: elisa c.martin

Shaded death, i feel you close to me
Drags me with the violence of the sea
Up to the deepest lonely ocean
Crushing my forgotten emotions
Out of here i'll be a stranger
I'll feel the bows of a sure danger
And i won't, won't think about death
There's no god. it's the end...

I wish i dreamt of you
I wish to feel you
I wanna touch you now!

I learnted to live in dreams
So close the pain i dream
My freedom will not hang
From your thorns... anymore!
A sweet sigh of your breath close to me forever
Today i can say that i'm frear than ever

Enclosed, enclosed, enclosed...

A tear in a corner of my eye
Witness of my sacrifice
I'm yearning to follow my silence
I'm falling in a soul of madness
It's time to leave this place far behind
I'll just remember all the good times

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