Paroles de End and beginning with you

Brian Mcknight

pochette album End and beginning with you
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Date de parution : 12/07/2011

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : R&B/Soul

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End and beginning with you
(verse 1)
Never wanted to touch you,
But it didn't turn out that way,
Never wanted to kiss you,
Cause i knew that id feel this way,
Never thought that id find somebody,
Someone to share my dreams,
Now all that really matters is, you want to be with me,
Just want to spend my time with you,
Whenever we go, whatever we do,
I don't know if you know but,
Ive never felt the way i do,
That's why i want to scream and shout it,
The dreams you dream they can come true,
Just want the rest of my days to,
End and begin with you!
(verse 2)
Never was willing to make promises,
Promises are so hard to keep,
Always knew if i fell in love,
Id fall in way too deep,
Never believed in fairy tales,
Fairy tales never come true
It always feels like i am dreaming whenever i look at you.
Once you get started, open up your heart and
You won't remember the things you say youd never do
And before you know it
Youre totally devoted
And all your fondest dreams will come true!
Just want them to end and begin with you
To end and begin with you!

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