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Bette Midler

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On the end of the earth
I found my life
Bette&tina:twice in a day, not picking my life up everytime i go along. but i need my life with me!!

Chorus: but you're seeing me and my end credits
But your shouting my end credits
Seeing me now
Makes you realize

Tina: shouting out your name to the world but i just get rejected. but i feel sad and as i leave the door.
Bette&tina:saying end credits!

Chorus:but your seeing me and my end credits
But your shouting at my end credits
Seeing you now
Makes me realize

Bridge: end credits! darling i need my end credits! i cannot stay here if do not have my end credits! ohhh yea!

Bette:end credits!
Tina:end credits!
Bette:end credits!
Tina:end credits
Bette:end credits
Tina:end credits

Chorus x3


Chorus x2


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