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The Knockouts

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Roddy was the cat with a scar under his eye
Roddy grew up fast far from the city lights
He rolled the dice but he had nothing to prove
Roddy grew up fast always on the move

One day he grabbed a suitcase, packed his fists for a fight
Gambled everything, he's on the road tonight
Polished chrome from top to toe
He's on a mission, there's no place to go

Bound for the dead end roads
He's a fast tracked dynamite fit to blow
Bound for the dead end roads

Time stood still, he put his life on the line
Roddy ran the red lights from the scene of the crime
With a vicious grin and dead cold eyes
He'll sign away your life without thinking twice

Roddy's fingerprints were never found
Dust and blood on boots kicked into the ground
On hometown grounds with his knuckles cracked
Roddy's taking aim to carve his name in your back

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