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Conspiracy is the game
That the us likes to play
Working, work a thousand ways
And still you´re only a slave
Working for your meals
And you´re working for your days
And still you work to go to
Bed with anyone you feel
And you´re walking down the street
And you´re playing part of the game
`cause all the time they´re watching
You know how you feel
And you think you wanna kill something
To deal with how you feel
But every time you try they slash you with their head
And you´re standing in a line
And you´re waiting for government goods
And you´re thinking that you´re part of them
Try and get a job
But what can you do?
Secretaries, lawyers...
I got a life
Fuck ´em
I got a right
Fuck ´em
Don´t need a date
Fuck ´em
Don´t need my car
Fuck ´em
The neon signs
Fuck ´em
We got the power

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