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Hank Williams Jr.

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The night was black, rain falling down
Look for my baby, she's nowhere around
Traced her footsteps down to the shore
Afraid she's gone for evermore

I looked at the sea and it seemed to say
I took your baby from you away
I heard a voice cryin' in deep
Come join me, baby, in my endless sleep

Why did we quarrel, why did we fight
Why did i leave her alone tonight
That's why her footsteps ran into the sea
That's why my baby has gone from me

I looked at the sea

Ran in the water, heart full of fear
There in the breakers i saw her near
Reached for my darling, held her to me
Stole her away from the angry sea

I looked at the sea and it seemed to say
You took your baby from me away
My heart cried out, she's mine to keep
I saved my baby from that endless sleep

Endless sleep
Endless sleep
Endless sleep

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