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pochette album Enemies of the state
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Date de parution : 23/09/2011

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Heavy Metal

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They have eyes everywhere, watch what you say
A knock on your door at night, taking you away
Forced deportation through storms of freezing snow
Where are they taking you, you will never know
Gone without a trace
The enemies
You have been erased
You are the enemies of the. state!
The iron curtain closes
There is no hope of escape
Live fenced inside barbed wire
Working years away like a slave
(solo - laux)
Just when you thought, your sentence would end
Stalin's hammer crushes you, time has been extended
Here in the gulay, no one gets out!
No one... ever... comes out!
Those who disagree
Are enemies
Treason is erased
Stamp out the enemies of the. state!

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