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Ah, this could have been enewetak
Stressed, embattled, irradiated, evacuated
And something's on in those isles
A foreign power said

Ah, this could have been enewetak
Now bathed in comet spray
So many devils were called out now cast in concrete
The land was vapor after operation ivy

Hydrogen megatons, medical 4.1
Has anyone else read h.g. wells shapes have come?

Try to find enewetak, they say man will bury you
But i hope god takes you back in his arms and says
"earth, air, fire and the sea", physics stole them all from me
But i will try to keep enewetak out the rising waves

And all the mothers loved their babies
Though they weren't like us no more
Lay out a heading for the home world
Of a species on parole

Dust in the atmosphere, 24,000 years
A radioactive trail of tears in the sand

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