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Blue Rodeo

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Date de parution : 02/03/2006

Durée : 0:03:2

Style : Country

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One two, one two three four

You are so far away on this cold, empty night
As i lie in a hotel room lookin' at a street light
Outside my window i listen to the rain
And the sounds of the passin' cars and the waves on english bay

And i wonder if you think of me as i dream of you
Do you hear the song that i sing in this hotel room?
'cause i see you in the stars above and in every setting sun
And even though you're fifteen hundred miles away
I hear you howlin' at the moon, oh

And i hold you in my mind and i start to float away
Yea the whole world seems very strange in a pleasant kinda way
And as the morning sun comes up and puts an end to this long night
More than anything i wish you were here

Lying by my side, holding me near
Listening to the rain and passin' cars
And the waves on english bay

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