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This day and age i find
I'm waiting in line
In a distant frame of mind
Waiting for a sign
Is it in the question
Or the answers you may find?
Does your puzzle piece connect a lie?

Old victim wishing well i can tell you are fulfilling a role

Like leaves from the tree
Caught in the breeze
The wind changes ways
And nothing stays the same

What is it youre seeking
In between the lines?
The phases of change abstained
The cycle of time
Lost in your reflection
The further you divide
A burning sense of desire, denied

An island forever the mist will shade
A peek into the endless maze

Bring out the dead, sing us a song
Change the world
Dust and soul, embossed in bone
A new breath beholds

Push and pull, the dream unfolds

Give my being, seeking meaning, a new home

And i see you
Walking down the street
With your head hung low
Where will you go?
Into the unknown!
With none to show!
Where will you go?
Into the unknown
Into the unknown!

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