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Date de parution : 09/09/2009

Durée : 0:05:02

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Shan vdp: ennui go! go on the path to leave tracks, to weave the web to keep the demon intact/ (we ease) out the trap door, and leave all captured prisoners on that ship/ but do not fear, we come with gifts/ poison, gunpowder, napalm, pestilence, torture, famine, artillery and food/ cannons, fire, pistols, truth! / and a brand new religion for you to adapt to/ its inevitable that we let the venom enter, ascend and end this!/ torch the tormented/ scorch the core senses/ (someone) someone show me the priest of the flock/ make him walk the spot/ toss him his bread/ lock him and then/ then it's "off with his head!"/ (next up), next up (next up) next up/ deliver me the village idiot, the illegitimate half-breed king that can't see that these people are breathing the (breathing the) breathing the smoke filled air, that makes the crowd bleak/ he blows fire out the mouth piece!/ but we just set flames to the house he now sleeps/ soon as the eve leaves those people's plight/ watch them all burn to see the light!

Perilelle: somewhere out there beneath the burning sky/ you'll find me waiting, standing, asking why

Derek d: where do we go from here? out the plastic bag, hit him with a dagger, he's stagnant/ blood fills the floor cause i'm inaccurate, hackin' em, act like george steel/ that's exactly what i want to make a living engulfed in carnivorous harmony/ march for the carne, meet at the parliament/ that's exactly where we chop the men and armaments/ on and then ennui go with more targets/ so far it's, so starving, for darkness, and soi walk the continent to see the light/

He might have the disease
Or the ultimate cure
Release a death at his will
While we fight to stay pure
Hate the fear that he breeds
With our glasses half full
Some god will sort out suffers
Until our weight we can't pull.
In the corner of the day
When everythings the wrong way
Its happened before so you just try to get by

Fast forward, flash the word mouth, mag's born, cast the herd out, stamp floors,
Map the first route, land torn, blast the world now!, sans storm!

Perilelle: somewhere out there beneath the burning sky/

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