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Date de parution : 29/01/2008

Durée : 0:02:08

Style : Alternative

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From my side it isn't fair
All the stories circling around
All the same, too late now
And you did it all just for fun

Can't take a joke or crack a smile
When i'm talkin' with you?
I'm not that stupid or not that proud
That fun can't be allowed

But when you lie and fuck things up
Just to prove that you are tough
I find it hard just to brush it off
Enough is enough

I can't see the fun from your point of view
That shit was concerning me too
Are you stupid and self content
That you didn't think about what it meant?

Spreading fucking rumors and bad mouthing me
You just couldn't let it be
I still try hard to brush it off
Enough is enough

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