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Disintering rotting carrion
Posthumous secretions flowing out
Manifested livor mortis
Autolisyfied tissues breaking down

"exhuming corpses enshrouded in putrilage
Putrescent embalment oozes frm their rotting flesh
Soapy secretions, adipocere...
The stench of the cadavers bring me no tears"

Alchemy of decomposition
Curdled suppuration in the bodily orifices
Necrobiotic alterations
Ammoniac sulphide is vilely released

Putrefaction... putrilage
Perpetuation... in decay

"exhuming corpses enshrouded in putrilage
Special guests for another secret carnage
Depraved morticians rapting the dead
Taking their bodies out of their fucking graves"

Visceral disintegration
Fetid emanation of cadaveric fumes
Post-mortem deteriration
This beautyful cadaver is ready to be exhumed

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