Paroles de Enthan nenjil oru sugam

Ar Rahman

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You watch the night over thikkikichu kich
Curse to me wanne (when i never lubiu)-2
Feeling like a buhu, you just gonna shake me;
You just wonna rape me,and you was follow me;
Like a there wanna be,and a taught a two men;
So a been laidly walking through your room;
Was a big mistake,every such a did damn;
Was is in a take now,wa wa we won;
Dees make a rees curse,small girl tryin a;
You wanna get leave.whenever skin thathe wow;
On a bridges off the glove,if they come say love;
Na walking na love,tryin a tryin a on i long;
My babe aims of this so i'm appen that song ;
And he was cheat me cheat me remember one thing;
True luv never goes a kadhal virus thing huh.

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