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Bad Religion

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Date de parution : 26/07/2005

Durée : 0:02:24

Style : Rock

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Random blobs of power expressed as that which we all disregard,
Ordered states of nature on a scale that no one thinks about,
Don't speak to me of anarchy or peace or calm revolt,
Man, we're in a play of slow decay orchestrated by boltzmann,

It's entropy, it's not a human issue,
Entropy, it's a matter of course,
Entropy, energy at all levels,
Entropy, from it you can not divorce
And your pathetic moans of suffrage tend to lose all significance,

Extinction, degradation;
The natural outcomes of our ordered lives,

Power, motivation; temporary fixtures for which we strive,
Something in our synapses assures us we're ok
But in our disquilibrium we simply can not stay,
It's entropy......

A stolid proposition from a man unkempt as i,
My affectatious nature i can not rectify,
But we are out of equilibrium unnaturally,
A pang of consciousness of death
And then you will agree

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