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She was the kind of girl you get once in a life time
She was fun to be with
She made me laugh
Beautiful, she is beautiful
But now all i have is memories
Pictures i've wanted to tear
Because the pains been too much to bare.
I'm glad i never did
The pictures of you and me, together
Are what i look at to get rid of the thoughts of you with him
I stare and smile in a state of denial
But reality is grim
You with him
How did he do it?
Was i the one who blew it?
We used to make fun of guys like him
The way they think theyre so cool
With their sports and their parties
They dont even care about people as people
They see girls as possessions,
And guys as entertainment.
But somehow you fell for his charm
His arm around your waist
His arm in my place
Do you ever think of me?
Did you even care?
Or was i just some temporary fix
Until someone better came along.
And how could he do this?
Such a shameless move
Stealing you from me
He knew what he was doing
He had to prove he could
Just because he wanted you
He wants you this month,
But next month hell move on
You will see his act back stage
And ill be watching front row
He may be smooth enough to take you away
But hes sure not mature enough to stay.
I wish you could see how little he cares
I wish you could see how much i still care.
Im upset right now
But seeing your tears when hes done with you
Is going to kill me inside
I hope you remember me when its over
I will let you cry on my shoulder.
You're killing me inside
You're killing me inside
You're killing me inside

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