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Date de parution : 01/01/1990

Durée : 0:02:05

Style : Alternative

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Constant competition and criticism between friends
We'll bite and fight with our might untill we win in the end
I've got one up on you, you've got one up on me
Overlooking each other's worthy qualities
I'm sorry it's got a hold of me
And i pray i can shake free
It'll damage my pride, it'll hurt me
So tangled up in envy
I lash out at you, you strike back at a chance
Low blows, anything goes at each other's expense
Choosing up teams, we're picking up sides
We try to nudge, and we won't budge an inch for our pride
Conceit, false prestige
Same old story, hunt for glory
Will i ever see humility?
And will it ever manifest in me?/
And when the damage is done, no one won
And that's our idea of fun
Envy from the final youth of today 7", lyrics by ray of today.

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