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Date de parution : 01/01/2005

Durée : 0:07:16

Style : Rock

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Down in the valley we stand
With our swords and our banners in our hands.
The feeling of power is in our hearts
And we know that the epic war shall start.

Under the moon and the shining stars,
We're fighting an epic war.

Epic war
With our brothers we're marching on,
We don't feel no violence.
Epic war
All together we're strong.
We will never kneel!
Epic war
The wizards have cast their spell
In the wind of silence.
Epic war
Defending our powerfull law.
An epic war.

(strophe 2:)
On the water our battleships sail,
On the ground all our warriors hail!
Battalions of hate marching on.
With our swords made of steel we're so strong!

(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)

(repeat bridge)

(repeat chorus)

(battle chorus:)
Down in the valley the warriors stand.
Waiting to hear the final command.
Under the moon and the light of the stars,
We fight an epic war!!!

(repeat battle chorus)

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