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Frank Zappa

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Frank zappa (guitar, vocals)
Ian underwood (alto saxophone, piano)
Bunk gardner (tenor saxophone, clarinet)
Motorhead sherwood (baritone saxophone, tambourine)
Roy estrada (bass, vocals)
Don preston (electric piano)
Arthur tripp (drums, percussion)
Jimmy carl black (drums)

Members of the bbc symphony orchestra

(jimmy carl, motorhead, roy & bunk are reunited by dons sentimental stylings. they dance and hug each other, forming a chorus line for backing vocals, while ian lies in a crumpled heat at the side of the stage. on the downbeat of the epilogue, ian miraculously returns to life, strangles don, and hurls him down a flight of steps, regains control of the steinway and finishes out the show with the orchestra.)


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