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Under a moonless sky, i stood, i laughed, i cry
Seasons turned to tears, as i fought the years

This shattered soul of mine, has got a thousend sides
Remind me to win when the morning rings
Don't hope...


Should i take it on my knees?
In waves it comes...
It washes over me, it carries me along
Will it leave me when i'm gone?
I'm so young, i'm too me...

Now when i close my eyes,
I see the eyes of faith
They burn in my face
A thousend lies, oh why...
Leave my soul to bleed
Won't you erase me?

Go where the sceptre sways
It rules it's reign, i pray for the end of time,
Now i've crossed the line, don't hope...
Don't hope...


Now when i close my eyes, i realize the truth
No more lies, look at the sun for the last time
My friends
The final parade
Won't you erase me...

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