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Dear erica,
I would cherish you more than life itself
Wait, no you wouldn't
Don't listen to him he only cares about himself
See i would be there through thick and thin
In sickness and in health, from beginning to end
You got to decide me or him erica, tell me i'm curious
Ok bobby i don't mean to cut you off but are you really being serious
'cause the way i see it she doesn't even like you
She knows we're boys and that's the reason she invites you
'cause honestly she'd rather be alone with me
Walking in the park after dark, living so happily
Ok yas he's a loser and i use that term loosely
And usually he's so broke, he makes you pay for his dinner and his movie
You know bobby's mr. wrong but he acts like mr. right
Erica he's a cop-out, a high school drop out who never worked in his life
Erica, take my advice like how long have you known me
I know yas he's the kind that'll leave you stranded and lonely

Chorus (2x)
Now i'm believing
You're everything i'm dreaming
Without you i ain't breathing
Erica, which one will it be?
So who you choosing?
Which one of us is losing?
You're making it confusing
You're the girl that i need

Hold up, wait a minute let me tell you what yas did
He told me he'd cheat on you, that makes him an unfaithful and ungrateful bastard
Ok i cheated bobby these are the lies you tell
Erica ask him about stephanie, caren, jen, michelle ring any bells
And that was just last week so go ahead and laugh at him
Those cute pick-up lines, he read them in the last maxim
Yas screw you, you got that same issue
I seen you reading those same pick up lines last week to that girl you were kicking it to
You see bobby's not big on pleasing but he acts like he mastered it
I heard two, three minutes, lets just say he's sexually inadequate
Ask him where he was last night, has he had a chance to explain
Go ahead ask him what's more important to him, you or his basketball game
I bet he forgot your name, caused you pain and let me mention
You're better off dating that dude from cruel intentions
You see i'm a man
You ain't a man
You're nothing more then a cheating flirt
When was the last time you and a girlfriend that worked

Chorus (2x)

-i don't know how to feel...
-i don't know what to say...

Chorus (4x)

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