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Scene: a rather elaborate room, wallpapered and rather cluttered, a grandfather clock stands in the corner. in fact the cluttered room was only in a few skits, was it an early attempt at redecorating? bert walks in on ernie, who's basically fiddling around.
Bert: "ernie--look at this! ernie, when are you going to clean your room?" (does this explain why ernie and bert share a bedroom? that said bedroom is actually bert's room--it's tidy enough--and ernie sleeps there because there is no room in his own? makes sense to me.)
Ernie: "tuesday after next, i think. tuesday after next is when i was planning to clean the room."
Bert: "anyway, ernie, it's your turn to go to the laundromat. take the clothes basket and go on down."
Ernie: "okay, no trouble." (he picks up the basket, which is empty, and heads off)
Bert: "ernie, wait a minute! aren't you forgetting something?"
Ernie: "oh yeah, i forgot! (gets something) rubber ducky! (squeaks him) okay, off we go!" (starts off again)
Bert: "wait a minute, ernie, are you forgetting something else? something important?"
Ernie: (pauses to think) "oh yeah ... a radio! (puts one in the basket) have to have a radio, you know, play music down there. okay, we're off!" (tries again to leave)
Bert: "aren't you forgetting something else?"
Ernie: (thinks again) "oh yeah, books! (puts them in the basket. in fact ernie keeps piling more and more stuff into the laundry basket as he speaks.) books, so i can read a story to rubber ducky while we wait! oh yeah, and a basketball, in case someone starts a game while we're down there! and i'll take an umbrella, just in case it starts raining! coloring books and a box of crayons, so rubber ducky and i can color while we wait for the laundry to get done! and--"
Bert: "ernie!!"
Ernie: "did i forget something else, bert?"
Bert: "ernie, you forgot to put the laundry in the laundry basket!"
Ernie: "oh no!"
Bert: "yes, and now the laundry basket is so full of junk, there's no room to put the laundry in!"
Ernie: "oh no! that means there's only one thing i can do!" (he goes off briefly)
Bert: "yes, and that is ..."
Ernie: (reappears with ball and mitt) "that means i'll just have to go and play baseball! bye-bye! kkehehehehe!"

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