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Part one:
(ernie, singing loudly and wordlessly, is throwing stuff around the living room.)
Bert: hey, ernie, cut that out! cut that out! (ernie stops.) look at this mess! boy, you are the sloppiest person i know! now, if you don't get this place cleaned up, i'm gonna move in with oscar. his garbage can's neater than this. wow!
Ernie: oh, don't worry, bert, i'm gonna get this place so clean you wouldn't recognize it. i'm telling you, bert, when i'm finished in here, you could eat off the floor!
Bert (mirthlessly): ha, ha, ha. i'll believe that when i see it.
Ernie: okay, stand back; just give me some room here ...
Part two:
(the same scene. ernie is humming and brushing some dirt into a dustpan.)
Bert (entering): hey, ernie, the place looks terrific! (i think bert might have said some line here i don't recall.) hey, are you finished?
Ernie: well, just about, bert. i gotta go clean out my toybox.
Bert: well, go to it! it's beautiful!
Ernie: okay, i gotta go clean out my toybox. (takes things out of it, one at a time, then throws each one over his shoulder after naming it.) let see, i got my rubber duckie. don't want to forget that ... i got my paper-clip collection ... my x, to mark the spot ... my dog, spot ... that's his name, spot ... let's see, i got my worm collection ... old tape ... my football helmet ... my tinfoil ball ... a peanut butter sandwich ... let's see ... down here ...
(scene changes to show bert standing nearby and sighing as the stuff lands around him.)

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