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Bert (rolls over and sits up in bed): ernie?
Ernie: yes, bert?
Bert: oh, ernie, what are you doing with those cookies in bed, huh?
Ernie: oh, the cookies? well, i was just hungry, bert, so i thought i'd have a few cookies before i went to sleep.
Bert: ernie, ernie, don't eat those cookies while you're in your bed, huh?
Ernie: why not, bert?
Bert: because you'll get crumbs in the sheets, that's why.
Ernie: gee, bert, i'll get crumbs in the sheets? (he lifts the blanket to look for crumbs in the sheets.)
Bert: yeah, ernie, and if there are crumbs in the sheets, they'll get in your pajamas.
Ernie: oooo, crumbs in my pajamas, bert?
Bert: yeah, yeah, ernie, and if you get crumbs in your pajamas, they'll make you itch. you know that.
Ernie: oh, i don't like to itch, bert.
Bert: no, and if you itch, you won't be able to sleep, ernie. so don't do it, okay? good night. (goes back to sleep.)
Ernie: oh, gee, if i eat the cookies in bed, i'll get crumbs in my sheets. (a crumb falls into his sheets.) and if i get crumbs in the sheets, i'll get crumbs in my pajamas. (feels a crumb in his pajamas.) and if i get crumbs in my pajamas, i'll itch! (scratches himself.) and i won't be able to sleep! (gets up, carrying the plate of cookies.) oh, bert, thank you so much for stopping me from eating cookies in my bed!
Bert: alright, ernie. just ... just go to bed, though, okay?
Ernie: okay. and i'm never going to eat cookies in my bed again!
Bert: okay, good. (ernie starts getting into bert's bed with the cookies) ernie? what are you doing?
Ernie: i'm gonna eat cookies in your bed, bert. move over. (begins eating them as bert sighs loudly.)

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