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Ernie is watching a movie on tv as bert walks in
Bert: ernie, what are you watching?
Ernie: oh, it's a great old movie bert.
B: what is it?
E: it's called ... it's just uh "cowboys in outerspace" bert.
B: ernie? ernie? (e: look at that!) uh, can't you do something else besides watch tv? i mean, you've been watching tv all day long.
E: well gee, like what bert? i mean, it's raining outside bert.
B: well, i know it's raining, but ernie there are other things to do inside besides watching tv.
E: oh yeah? well, like what bert? ah!
B: what what?
E: look at that! those are just actors bert.
B: i know, i'm trying to think what else you can do.
E: ooh! did you see that one bert?
B: how 'bout reading? how bout reading? you can read, we have a lot of books here.
E: reading? well, i don't know bert, i really don't feel like reading right now, bert.
B: oh.
E: ah!
B: how 'bout writing a story? hey, that's good ernie, writing a story.
E: writing a story?
B: wouldn't that be fun, you could write your very own story.
E: writing a story. that's a pretty good idea bert.
B: yeah. (bert laughs)
E: hey bert, would you help me if i were to write a story, would you help me?
B: well, i suppose i could give you ideas. yeah, i'll help you, sure.
E: ok, great.
B: great.
E: mmm mmm mmm mmm...
B (faces camera) terrific. wow, no tv set on all day long. oh great.
E: hey bert?
B: huh?
E: c'mere bert.
B: yeah, well what do you want?
(ernie and bert are off camera)
B: ernie! what are you doing?
E: uh, we're writing a story bert.
B: this is not writing a story!
(ernie and bert come in, bert has a waste paper basket on his head)
E: this is the first stage, planning to write a story. you see, you can't just sit down and write a story, you have to plan to write it, and that's what i'm doing. now, we've got paper, i'll take that paper bert. let's see we have paper to write on. and i have pencils right here to write with bert.
B: *sigh*
E: and then i have my handy dandy pencil sharpener. and i have my eraser here bert for any mistakes i might make, see i can erase them.
B: uh-huh.
E: and i have a waste paper basket to put in .. a waste paper basket ... bert, have you seen my waste paper basket?
B: ask me that again and look into my eyes.
E: have you seen ... have you seen .. oh! this is my waste paper basket.
B: of course it's your waste basket!! you put it on my head!
E: oh, thank you bert.
B: yeah, thank you.
E: that's my waste paper basket for throwing stuff in when i make a mistake, you see?
B: ok, now ernie, ernie. you have planned your whole adventure in writing a story.
E: that's true.
B: all planned to the last detail ... all planned.
E: right.
B: ok, now go to it.
E: ok, i'll see you around.
B: ho, ho wait, well, where are you going?
E: i'm going to go outside and play in the puddles.
B: but why?
E: well, you see bert, i can't think of anything to write right now, bert. but, when i do think of something, i have it all planned. and thanks to you bert, i couldn't have done it without you. mmm mmm mmm mmm.
(bert rests his head on the basket and shakes it in disappointment)

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