Paroles de Erotica

Hona Costello

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Date de parution : 14/03/2012

Durée : 0:03:41

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I just (i just) i just want you here with me
With lights low, candlelight, baby this night show yea
I want (i want) i want you to take the that off,
Nice and slow, mistletoe me,
I just want to see you with your
Face down, ass up
Face down, ass up
Face down, ass up
Face down, ass up

I love it when she nipples on her lip,
Heels on back shots, wiggling her hips,
She a dime she a dime, ass fine here a tip
A freak where the handcuffs, ky, and whip uh
Tongue twist, when i hit the right spots,
Work it like a pro girl, make that ass drop,
Stick shift with it, 6 gear on top
Now ride it ride it ride it don't stop,
From the kitchen to the bedroom closet,
I gotta leave soon, but she wanna hog me
I'm a don, she can tell by the charm,
Getting hot, pulling on my arm heading in the shower
Lets get it in, get it in good,
Telling all her friends how we get it in good uh
She so loud they call might call police,
I beat it up, she be calling me king!
Na' mean?

Baby i can do it like a pro,
Deep sea dive, tongue knockin' on your door
E-class 05, back seat we can go
The windows might fog, but that's all on the low
Missionary style, getting wild on the floor
Making both lips smile, be proud when i throw uh
I take her higher than them paper planes
I get it wet, time to make it rain, i'm like a jet
When she scream go faster, baby call me master,
I aint ask her, break that kitty down put a cast on it,
Father was a pastor, know she was a freak,
Nookie outer space nasa,
I keep coming back hopping border need a passports
Want it from back? baby face down ass up
According to the facts got her sounding like fire truck
And i aint gotta lie, but baby got the fire stuff



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