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Pain will lead to pleasure
I tell you that is true,
So don't you dare feel guilty
'cause i'm a sinner too.
Caressed by your vehemence splendour
In allmazefull addiction -
Abundance is the word;
To words there's no restriction.

And honey don't intellectualize
'cause i know that is false
Your words will drown in history,
We can't feel no remorse.
Let's submit to your wish
And then submit to mine,
We keep each other spellbound
And renaissance the thought of crime.

Chorus: eroticon, like an oilrig: bring petroleum,
Eroticon -and the hap-penis: bring cum,
Eroticon, here comes a reason and the rhyme
Eroticon - love sexy.

They that sow in tears
Shall reap in joy,
When sanity is restored
For every girl and boy.
Devotion to spiritual intercourse;
I accept the mission.
Hence it follows; profanity,
"...let's have fun before conviction".

And sweetie, some men crave
For something they'll never get,
But when balance is achieved
I assure you won't regret
That i embrace our fate
Although you stem the tide.
Our game it seems predestined
Since time is wealth is on our side.

(repeat chorus)

All we like sheep have gone astray,
We have turned everyone to his own way.

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